Lumpy inserts his opinion on Silithos' rites rather pointedly,

"We ain't wasting any time in the morning sorting out that dead priest. I don't overmuch care who he worships, but here on land, ya don't get a burial at sea. If that was what he wanted, he should'a died much closer ta water, cause we ain't diverting fer his sake." He wrenches his knuckles together, cracking them noisily, "Now what I WILL do, on account'a I'm such a nice guy, is dig him his own plot in the frostbitten ground and see him buried there tonight. Anyone wants ta give anyone elses blessing on the matter, that's their business."

He joins the others briefly in the matter of the magical items, but seems to quickly lose interest at the sight of them. Nothing looked terribly useful to him; at least, no more useful than a share of gold might be. With a shrug, he sets out to find a shovel or three (to account for breakage) and bury the priest wherever is most convenient

((OOC: as an aside, if no one goes with him, he'll probably strip Silithos of anything valuable looking before burying him. no one come, please :P))