Nyssa nods to Lumpy. "You are correct. We don't have the time, and better he rests now. I will assist you, Lumpy. You should also secure any goods left on his body -- they will do him no good where he has gone. They can better assist the group."

{Nyssa dealt with death all of her life -- it's completely natural to her, and she's very pragmatic. Dead people don't need things. Living people do. She won't allow his holy symbol or any non-useful personal items (like clothing) to be taken. She'll help Lumpy sort out what's magical/worthwhile and not, as well.}

She then looks at Elthan. "And I believe your proposal is a good one. Those on the front lines get injured and must use potions, or the priests must use costly items on them. They keep people like me safe, but I bare none of the cost of it. It's not equitable."

With that, she gets up to follow Lumpy. "I trust the group will figure out a fair way to divide our rewards. Please keep in mind that two of our number have departed, but I think we should keep their shares for them until we're sure they're not returning."