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Currently I'm looking at Air Dragon or Water Dragon styles, as I think they're nifty, but was wondering if any of y'all had other suggestions.
Throne Shadow is awesome, if you want to be all Sidereal-y. Not really a straight-up punching people style, though.

Infernal Monster is excellent for that purpose. Solar Hero is pretty good, too. Air Dragon and Water Dragon are also very good.

If you have that one Charm that lets you take TMAs for 4XP, you might want to pick up First Pulse, too.

Joy In Adversity Stance was errata'd, but VBoS is still sort of wonky. Jon Chung did a rewrite, which you can fairly safely assume is as solid as a rock.

Oh, and instead of the Sidereals charmset from their manual, assume me to be using this rewrite instead.
Looking over that rewrite, it's a pretty radical departure from standard Sidereal Charm design. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but Plague of Hats did the stellar Loom 2.0 if you want a more straightforward fix.