What is the sum total that being Enlightened grants a mortal? As far as I can see it's access to:
  • Terrestrial Martial Arts
  • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
  • An enhancement to Thaumaturgy
  • Using artifacts/attuning to manses

Is that everything?

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They're no longer considered a mortal for charm effects. This is pretty useful.
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You forgot Shadowlands Circle Necromancy, for the aspiring sorcerer who would like to have less options at his disposal.
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You get better at fighting even without charm use.
You become employable by pretty much every faction in a favored position (you're valuable enough for exalts to keep you around and happy if not at the level of another exalt).
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You can no longer die spontaneously just because you made a friend who happens to be of an Exalt type that kills their mortal friends.
Anything else? I was primarily after what powers it grants. You don't suddenly get access to any Charms besides those mentioned above, do you?