Lissa's eyes fixed on the ruby ring the moment Si'rene brought it out. She picks it up almost reverently, examining the damaged piece of jewelry. "Great Golden Lords... people, I really think we should put some of the gold toward identify spells. At least one of you magic types can cast that one, right?" The gnome looks around at Achkby, Elthan, Callos and Nyssa. "I've heard tales about rings like this, but I don't want to look like a fool if I'm wrong. And you know how bards are, who knows how much of those tales was actually true. It would be wonderful if it were, though..." Her voice trails off, and she stares at the mysterious ring a moment more before putting it back with the rest of the loot.

Then Lissa notices what Callos is doing, and just about falls out of her chair. "YOU IDIOT! Beshaba on a broomstick, a wizard of all people should know better than to wear an unidentified magic item! You complete and utter dolt! I lost a good friend of mine to an enchanted necklace that choked her to death! 'Oh, Lissa, you're so paranoid! I'm sure it's perfectly safe!' Last words she ever said." Finally she runs out of steam and just glares for a bit. Despite the glare, it's plain that Lissa is indeed very upset and worried.