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So, I'm thinking about putting together a Solar martial artist for a game I'm playing in that currently has too many inter-party conflicts - In a nutshell, the roughly Chaotic neutral sorceress (me) is getting into waaay too many arguments with the VERY Paladin-ish Dawn caste. Sorry about the D&D terms, I really am, but for the example, it works.
Is the in-character conflict spilling into out-of-character, or taking away from the fun of the game? I mean, there's not really a problem, otherwise.

Anyways, I'm thinking about putting together a probably Night Caste proficient in Solar Hero Style, with a fair amount of athletics charms on top of that. Want to get into the area of God-Speed Steps, with the idea of a martial artist who is just blazing fast, his style being to hit a single enemy from multiple directions nigh-simultaneously.
Solar Hero Style is probably not your thing, then. It's more about sharp, single blows, and throwing your enemy around. It's good, though, don't get me wrong.

Take a look at Disco Ninja Crystal Chameleon Style if you want something really fast. White Reaper, too.

Anyways, I'm looking for a suitably awesome motivation, and was hoping you lot would help me out with some suggestions. What do you think?
"Stoic martial arts guy" tells me absolutely nothing about the character. What is he like, beyond the part where he punches people and is silent about it?