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    Default Re: General Exalted Discussion V: Our Armies are Pants

    Quote Originally Posted by Sanguine View Post
    "Be the fastest man alive" maybe? Note for this to be properly heroic you must have a very broad view of the word 'man'. For instance it should not be gender specific, nor should it limit your competition to just humans. Because a race between your Solar and Adorjan should happen at some point in the game.
    Which you'll probably lose because Adorjan has the best "go fast" charms in the game, pretty much.

    Unless you take Principle Emulation of Adorjan and take those charms and stack them with, say, Disco Ninja Style charms...

    Just be warned that if you beat her she might fall in love with you.
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    Man, this is just one of those things you see and realize, "I live in a weird and banal future."

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