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The problem with the conflicts is mainly that they tend to take up entire sessions, and make the game far too stressful. If it were just a character thing, it would be fine, but it is definitely making the game less fun.
Ah. Something needs to change then, yeah.

As far as the fast martial arts thing, I was thinking of conveying it mostly through stunting and the addition of athletics charms, but I will definitely take a look at the martial arts you mentioned, though, I'm still a little uncertain on how learning various martial arts works - They are an exception to the whole "Only Eclipse Caste's can learn other creature's charms" things, yeah? So how does that work with experience costs and the like?
Yes. Martial Arts are their own independent subsystem, sort of similar to sorcery.

You can learn Martial Art Charms for the same cost as Favored Charms if you have MA Favored or as a Caste ability.

And, sorry, I didn't mean to leave out details of personality, it's mainly that I'm still working on it, which is part of where his motivation will come in.
I wasn't really thinking of defining his motivation based on the fact that he's fast and a martial artist - Motivations like "Be the fastest" or "Be the strongest" or "Kill that one guy - he's a ****" seem kind of boring and generic to me. We can be more awesome than that, yeah? Yeah!
It's fine. But yes, be better then that, unless it's fitting in with the character.

On a somewhat related note, are there any martial arts styles that would allow the user to wear Celestial Battle Armor?
Not many. Would need to check further.

EDIT: Maybe I should wait to discuss this character until I've solidified more details about him, I just thought discussing him might help me with that process. = P So I apologize if I'm sounding frustratingly vague or neutral so far, no offense meant.
No, no, it's fine. I was just saying that it's impossible to tell what a character's Motivation should be with just hearing what's in the Concept box.