Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

As most of the group turns on the ring and Callos investigte the gauntlet, Achkby fineagles the crystal away. Callos has clearly got his piece under control, and while Achkby's heard as many stories as the rest--well, maybe not Lissa, but no one has her appetite for treasure (besides that Greedy Fizahn, of course. Gnomes!)--but it can't really be what they all hope it is. These things don't just lie about in the snow.
He turns the crystal over and over in his hands, trying to remember if he's ever heard of this sort of thing. He did always try and pick up tales of magic as he travelled, but it had been so long since he'd heard any new ones...

[OOC]If you haven't already made the check, DR... Knowledge (Arcana) (1d20+11=19)[/OOC]

However, when Lissa's tirade to Callos spews forth, his is forcibly pulled from his attempt at memory recall, and he grudgingly involves himself with intra-party politics.
"Come on, now, Lissa, leave him at it. He knows what he's doing, better than most. 'Snice of you to watch out for him, an' all, but don't stop him at his work."

That's settled.