Lumpy and Nyssa chip away at the frozen earth. Once they get below the frozen crust, the digging gets a little easier, but not much.

Lumpy had managed to salvage a small ring from the green-haired priest's body, but little else seemed to have survived the hydra's teeth and claws.

By the time they have completed the burial, the moon is high in the clear night sky. The orc sentries had long ago lost interest in watching them, so the two of them sit quietly beside the mound of dirt watching as a pair of falling stars streak across the sky.

Suddenly Lumpy stands up, peering into the darkness. It might have been his imagination, but for a moment he thought he saw a dark shape slinking around in the distance. "Maybe we should head inside?" he suggests.

Callos flexes and opens his hand experimentally a few times, dislodging small flakes of rust that catch the firelight as they drift to the ground.

The necromancer randomly points and gestures, but the gauntlet seems to have no obvious effect.

Thokk leans in close, almost smelling the metal, and notes a series of fine complex spirals inscribed in the gauntlet.

Callos reaches for the fireplace poker, but when he grasps the tool with the gauntlet, it immediately oxidizes and crumbles into dust ...

Upstairs, Kiah tries the latch, but the door is locked from inside. Kiah is about to head downstairs to see if anyone is good at picking locks, but before she can do so, Tiriel has lifted a heavy booted foot and kicked the door in.

The bedroom is empty. Moonlight spills through and open window onto a bare floor.