Um ... wow! Veklim, this is rather impressive. So, normally I would go through every ability and make comments, however. They are freaking awesome! Whats more frightening is the Righteous Strike ability. I had thought of an ability almost exactly the same. The only difference that I will make is that weapon added the bane (undead) property instead of the holy weapon property. Oh, and btw, Hunter's Eye is a rockin' ability!

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Hand of God (Sp):
At 6th level, once per round as a free action, the Sacred Scourge may sacrifice a spell slot for the day to extend the range of any touch spell you cast on that turn at a rate of 5ft/spell level sacrificed (e.g. a level 5 spell would give it a range of 25ft, an orison would not give any bonus at all.). Additionally, if the spell you extend the reach of would deal damage to an opponent or heal an ally, it gains a bonus to that damage or healing equal to the sacrificed spell's level + your Cha modifier.
The only change I would make here is this one small caveat ... "would deal damage to an opponent (vs undead) or heal an ally ..."

I will have to ponder a 10th level ability which is as awesome as what you have already put together Veklim. Again, thanks for all your help!