On Deflection, compare to Wings of Cover, a 2nd level sorcerer spell. Not quite at will, but it grants cover against one attack, essentially making one attack entirely useless. +1/2lvl to AC of a type you are probably going to want to get an item of anyway isn't all that great. Removing the cap actually lets it stay relevant at high levels because it'll surpass your item or that Shield of Faith the cleric gave you.

Hmm... why not keep them as one class with the Full BAB and 6+Skills, but offer two different Paths? I could see one path that uses speed and agility to leave behind after-images and flurries of attack while the other is more of a brute force swarm-monger.

I can totally see sending illusory duplicates to their deaths as a means of trapfinding or staving off vampires. XD

Hmm, I didn't see it, but would you consider an ability that lets you overcome uncanny dodge and other means of becoming immune to flanking? Say add your intelligence to your effective rogue level to bypass the no-flank bit and maybe a surge ability or invocation to negate All-Around Vision and Foresight? Specifically thinking of Lowered Guard with this.