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    Default Re: [3.5 PrC] The Sacred Scourge, made for Volfogg! PEACH

    Changed wording to remove Favoured Enemy caveat.
    Changed bonus feats, now only 1 at level 6, fixed as Imp. Fav. Enemy unless already owned, in which case you chose a fighter or divine one instead. Helps pay for the empty casting level imho.
    Had a couple of ideas myself about capstone, will list later for perusal and discussion.
    Holy is now Bane (better choice actually, good call)
    Hand of God reworded to deal the extra damage to any favoured enemy (keeps versatility to some bonuses)
    Pulse of Purity re-jigged to come in line (somewhat) with the Sacred Purifier's Positive energy burst ability.
    Also inserted caveat for Righteous Strike (Bane) for people already wielding an Undead Bane weapon. What you think, too much?
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