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Hmm, how about an invocation that duplicates your foes? It might not be quite so deceitful, but pulling a dragon out of your hat to go toe to toe with that Red chasing you doesn't seem like much of a stretch.
That sounds awesome

Also, no Invisibility invocation?
On it.

A Silence invocation might also be useful.
You just gave me a devious idea for this. Rough idea: baleful transposition + enemy is silenced. Surged, targets swap appearances as disguise self. Enemy wizard is stabbed mercilessly by his buddies.

A means by which to gain flight might also be useful. Phantasmal Steed being the easiest, but not everyone wants to be mounted. Phantasmal wings could be interesting.
It does need some way to hit flyers, yes. Though you could easily make a thrown-weapon fighter with this class, melee would be left out in the cold. I'd like something original and somewhat restrictive if I add flight though. Will brainstorm.

Phantasmal Killer would probably be too strong, but I could see Color Spray, especially if you broke up the invocations into different grades and made it the second grade or something. Maybe a bigger one for the prismatic line.

Then again, that starts going off into a direction thats more just any illusion and not images and stabbity-fun focused. So, you can probably ignore half of that. >.>
I could certainly expand the invocations to encompass all parts of the illusion school of magic. It doesn't even need to stick to just that either, so long as the class keeps its theme.

Thank you for the continued help!

So it seems that I'll inevitably have to go for a grade system with the invocations like the warlock. That means chopping up my current invocations and fitting them in the grades. I'll set to work on that now. Also, I'm merging the invocations back into one category. The line is too blurry between the two for some abilities.