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Frankly, Laughing Oni was going to be my pick. Cackling Storm doesn't sound like a PERSON, per se. Or maybe Cackling Oni?
Hm. I dunno. That's the thing; he's almost as much a force of nature as he is a person. His general approach is supremely atypical to average humans. So maybe it's good the name doesn't sound like a "person".

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I find it extremely out of place that the Gotei wouldn't even think of questioning Yoshi about what Suzume is saying even though they've been accusing everyone and their brother of consorting with Kujo. One of his loyal followers says that someone was in on it, and no one even blinks.
What do you want me to post? 10th Division officers busting in and dragging Yoshi away in cuffs? I'm not saying there won't be questions, but i"m not just going to suddenly have him arrested. Besides, that's what his hard proof (security footage, eyewitness accounts, and so on) is for.