Name Zach


Cutie mark The symbol for the game Caverns and Centaurs
Feat: Cavern Master Extrodinair
Feat: Two Weapon Fighting
Feat: Weapon Proficiency: Dice Bag
Feat: Two Weapon Defence
Feat: Weapon Proficiency: Words
Feat: Creative Dungeon Making
Feat: Wizard Acolyte
Str: 11
Dex: 14
Con: 15
Cha: 21
Wis: 21
Int: 21
Total Hp: 60
Healing Surges: 9
Biography Ever since he was a young colt, Zach has loved Caverns and Centaurs. At the age of 4 he Beat Tome of Horrors, and then ran for some friends the next day. He found that he loved being a CM(Cavern Master), and would constently spend his time creating worlds. He is a renowned C&C player around the world for this, and many of said that he runs beautiful campaigns. He has come to Bridal Shores to spread the wonderfulness of Caverns and Centaurs through his most recent world. A pen and paper version of Final Fantasy. His parents are rich and send him a monthly check for the large sum of 1000 bits every month. They also gave him a coupon worth 1 house in Bridal Shores before he left. He is on quite good relations with his Mom and Dad. He also tried to ask out Rarity one time when he lived in Ponyville, but she turned him down.
Personality Zach easly falls in love with good looking Fillys, and will consequently, always try to ask one out on a date to his most favorite resturaunt in Bridal Shore's, His Mother's House Grill's place. He is around the age of 22, so he is comfertable with asking out many different aged Fillys. As long as they are not under the age of 18. If anyone insults his most favorite game, he will ask them to apologize. If they don't, they will quickly find out why he took 2 weapon fighting, and Weapon Proficiency: Dicebag.
Relationships None yet, but he does fall in love sorta easly.

20 Bottles of Punch
1 Adventurer's Kit
1 Climber's Kit
1 Saddlebag of Holding(To carry everything in)
150 Bits
1 coupon(Redeemable for a house in Bridal Shores)
1 Dice Bag(Holding many dice)
1 D20 Necklace
1 Pair of Glasses