So, does Achkby get Aeroz's 150?

Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

Achkby doesn't reply to Fizahn's ridicule, and mostly keeps to himself for the rest of the evening.

They seem to trust the new man, Nolan, more than me. Of this whole group, many of us having pulled through the Underdark together, the person they trust the most is the guy we picked up a few days ago. Not that I wanted to guard the ring -- oh, no! But to think they trust him to carry it more than, say, Aeroz, who's been on this... this quest since it began... it's ridiculous.

Achkby does, though, offer Nolan some twine as a makeshift necklace.
He retires fairly early, bidding all a polite good night.

In a bit of a bad temper, he tosses his things in a pile on the table, secures every part of the window he can against the cold outside, and slides in to the bed.
He almost forgets to cast the quick spell to clean hisself and clothes, but not quite.