The party gathers outside the keep early in the morning after a quick, simple breakfast. The sun is rising behind the Thesk Mountains far to the east. From the raised vantage point of the Keep, you can see the Forest of Lethyr to the north, and a glimmer of the Lesser Elth River to the west (where you had first encountered the hydra).

The road to Rashemen runs roughly northeast. The journey will be lonely and perilous suggests Lord Ulrich. Eventually you will reach Lake Mulsantir, which will be frozen at this time of the year, allowing passage. Lady Ulrich stands by her Lord's side, holding his hand and wishing you all a good journey.

The orcs are in a fine mood. They've groomed and dressed your mounts and are all smiles.

Katrin is back, having slipped back into her room sometime in the early morning. She makes no comment about her door being kicked in.

Some eyes look back to the west for any signs of Delphinia or Hajih.