Despite another night of subpar sleep, Lumpy manages to beat the sun up, perhaps finding some comfort in a regular waking schedule. His morning routine is as regimented as his night, all order and honed reflex as he dons his armor and clothing and repacks his things.

By the time he's left his room, his militaristic demeanor has faded, shoulders slouching a bit as he steps out into the light of the coming dawn. He is quiet for much of the preparation to the journey, seeming pleased to find his mount tended to but unwilling to vocalize upon it. he eventually settles with a grateful grunt in the general direction of the orcs.

He breaks his silence as Kiah resubmits her proposal, drawling a lazy response, with a bit less bite than usual,

"I ain't'a mind ta question people's judgement no more. If yer tagging along, that's yer risk ta take. All I ask is ya make yerself useful, 'cause we ain't got overmuch use fer hangers-on. Ain't no picnic we're going on."