Fizahn awakes brisk and refreshed. Fizahn spends the morning socializing and checking his belongings. He overhears Nyssa 'officially' inviting Kiah to join the group. He smiles at her and pipes up cheerfully. "Yeah, that's as official as it gets, unless I conduct the experiment. Pretty much anyone's allowed to tag along, assuming they don't want to hurt anyone in the group. It's an extremely diverse group. We've got all sorts of gnome-oids from all types of proffesions. Everyone can do their own thing and we respect each other's privacy. There is, however, a tight-knit inner circle that was formed when traveling through the underdark. You don't become involved in the companionship, trust, and intrigue of that unless you travel with us for quite some time." Fizahn leaves Kiah and Nyssa to think about what he said and hops onto Hajih's cart. He spends a few seconds examining the wolf. "This your kid now Hajih? I knew a ranger had a pet once. Aholoh was Graevic's badger. A badger I was rather attatched to, being able to talk to the little critter. Pity what happened to them though." Hajih might recognize Graevic as one of the names Fizahn mentioned at the pool where Thokk was ressurected, or he might not.