Last Night
"If you need guidance, you have plenty of friends to find it from. We aren't too sure how we will finish this either, but we will find a way. We're the heros of this tale, aren't we?"

Elthan takes his first good rest since the encounter with the specters, and stays in bed a bit longer than usual. He throws his pack into his cart along with anyone hitching a ride in it.

When Nyssa offer to contribute to the group funds, Elthan gives a nod and a smile. "I'm glad we have some support. Even if it's just the four of us."

After getting everything set, Elthan checks up on the lizardkin. "Druid! Are you prepared to go? We've finsihed our official welcomings to the new ones, and we will require help keeping ribbons off of Hajihs new pet."