Another fine morning had begun. The sun was up and shining, they where finally resuming their trek to the north, and perhaps the most important (to him at least) he had achieved a new level of arcane mastery. Even if he felt the business at the castle had perhaps gone a lot more smoothly, and been more productive, there could be no helping the matter now that he was already leaving.

Of course certain things did in fact bother him. Like why Hajih had simply appeared on the road with his cart in tow. Hadn't he fallen against the hydra? At least thats what Callos had believed. But not there was most certainly something more worrisome. Another delay. What was the lizardkin going on.....?

Oh no he doesn't! I will not have this mission be delayed once more simply because of his cultural ways of brotherhood amongst ones pack! Espicially when it won't be able to help!

So instead he came up behind the druid and laid a calming and stern hand on his shoulder before his voice dropped into the gutteral hisses of draconic.

"And what would you do once you got there? Sethra is now IN Sheyra, do you understand what this means? She is his new vessel and he will use that against you. Not only that but ow can you remove his foul presence? Your ways are off nature, not the Weave like my ways are. And if I cannot discover a way to exorcise Sheyra how will you? Trust me when I say this but us going North is the best thing for her now. And I will not allow you to delay our mission any more then any of you already have."