Lizardkin Druid

Ssathiya simply stands there quietly as Lumpy bursts out at him. He seemed to be listening and thinking.

But when Callos gave an answer as to why he should abandon his quest, he gives him a cold stare before replying:
"You think little of the Balance"

His body language and tone seemed to convey that he hadn't expected Callos to know much about the natural order. Whether that might be due to a racial difference or because he was a mage was unclear.

"Was the way clear when I joined with them?"

He sweeps a hand to Fizahn, Elthan and Thokk.

"Was the way clear when I had a collar around my neck?"

He massages his neck, seemingly still feeling the chafe of cold iron and the laughter of Cloudhair's cursed race.
The look of agony on his face passes. He addresses Lumpy now,
"I knew not if we would find another as we watched you sail away..... but I BELIEVED!"

He snarls now at all present,
"that and the kill of ssSethra drove me"
A visible paroxysm of emotion passes through the lizardman, alarming those who had known the lizardman long enough. It seemed unnatural in a creature of cold contained fury if he had any emotion at all.

He stands erect and proud beside Elthan, eyes flickering to fizahn, thokk,Trinark and Tiriel. A long chat with this wizard who ran in his pack for many moons now had helped him find his words. words he had not known the night before.

To his friends he seemed even more sure of himself and yet paradoxically uncertain at the same time.