I got my hands on a copy of Magic of Incarnum, and you're right. Everything. Is. Blue. That's a bit unfortunate. I can't think of a suitable replacement name yet. I initially wanted it to be called "Arcane Trickster," but yeeeeah.. If a suitable name comes up then I can change it.

I made a substantial update to the class. The invocation list is now at 51. I added a new feat for the class so they can acquire more least invocations before they can qualify for Extra Invocation. I added some skillmonkey invocations that the player can invest in at the cost of combat options. I pillaged the warlock/DA list for some suitable invocation overlap. I also nerfed "Lowered Guard" ability so it only affects AC. It lets you hit things easier so you get surge points more consistently.

I reworked the capstone. Now, once per encounter, you can take a bajillion swift actions. Congrats at being level 20 and snapping the action economy like a twig!

What do you guys think?