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    Name Hover Heart

    Appearance A light pink pegasus foal with a short blonde mane and tail that are dyed jet black. A black storm cloud follows her around and occasionally rains on her. This is why she walks around with a black Victorian umbrella-saddle.

    Cutie mark None. She gave up on looking for it.

    Skills Hovering. She has an excellent set of airbrakes. Hover can't fly though, she can only stop in mid air and float there. Her legs are very strong from all the climbing required to get high and jumping onto low floating clouds.

    Hover has great cloud control and can ride them like little cars... provided she can reach one.

    Hometown: Cloudsdale

    Personality Because of recent events (Sunny Wonders), Hover Heart's personality is now split in three.

    Black Hover: This Hover Heart is a foal who is convinced that she is the world's punching bag. Hover thinks the world is out to get her since she does not conform to the happiness search other ponies are in to. Pony nature is her enemy. Sorrow and Paranoia are her only friends.

    Pink Hover:
    This Hover is happy go lucky hug machine. She still like the strange and macabre but is slightly more optimistic about our eventually pony doom. This personality as more childish that the black version and a lot less paranoid.

    Blond Hover: SECRET!

    Biography Originally from Cloudsdale, Hover Heart was a carefree foal who chased after cutie marks like other little pegasi. But she failed one too many times and gave up. She see no point in searching for her cutie mark or anything else. She is now clinically depressed about the subject.

    Sunny: She is one of Pink Hover's very best friends.
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