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    Default Re: [FiM] My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic RP Recruitment Thread


    Pyrite is a young unicorn colt, not yet terribly big but growing still. He's covered in a brassy, pale-gold coat, with a line of white freckle-marks on his face. His mane and tail are a light golden brown, and he takes a bit of care in them: his eyes, though, are bright blue.

    Cutie Mark
    None yet

    He seems to be able to find low-rent suplies for a wide variety of dubious objects, and quite a bit of inventiveness in putting them together so that they appear to, or almost, or briefly, work as described. He also can occaisonally acquire actual things that work the way he says they do: it depends on a lot, but he'll sell what he can regardless. He's also an excellent liar, fast-talker, and sale-pitch-er. He can make some special effect maic, and some signs. He's also good at telling what people want.

    Pyrite is a greedy young colt, always out to get a little bit of extra cash. He's charismatic and fast-talking, but tends to step over himself and go one sentence too far. He over-stretches himself easily, and is a bit of a coward... But he's a very fiercely loyal friend once you have him on your side, and he'll even try and stop a sale, or get hurt trying to protect someone, if he thinks one of his products could actually be dangerous.

    The youngest of 5, there's never been much to go around. He's elected to be a go-getter about it, instead of just sitting in misery. Misery doesn't bring profit, darnit.

    His mother, father, 2 older sisters, and 2 older brothers.
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