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Also, I'm sure I remember the Doctor being described as being explicitly part-human? Or at least having Parents, rather than, you know, a Vat.
Um, nope.
That little part of the movie has been quietly swept aside, brushed under the rug and pretended like mad that it never happened.
The EU goes out of its way to retcon that moment. But that's the EU, and probably not what most would consider canon.
As far as Nu Who goes, they state the Doctor's full-blooded Time Lord nature in both 'The Parting of the Ways' and in 'Journey's End'. In the latter it's emphatically stated that there has never ever been a half-human half-Time Lord. Ever.
And seeing as the First Doctor had a granddaughter, (and wasn't the White Lady from 'The End of Time' Word of Godded to be the Doctor's mother) it suggests normal reproduction.

Mmkay, I've been marathoning Nu Who, although I've been a little distracted for a bit, so I've stalled at 'The Shakespeare Code' (during which I will geek out), but I have this to say:
So glad she's gone.
It's a shame I know she coming back, but that stupid romance subplot. I could maybe see Nine/Rose, but not Ten/Rose. No.
But I think RTD got carried away with Rose, the story became all about Rose and her love for the Doctor and her relationship with the Doctor, when it should have been about the Doctor.
I'm not against Doctor/Companion romance, but Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose ROSE!
She whines, she's possessive and jealous and the way she treated Sarah Jane (even when I was five or six I knew Sarah Jane as the Companion to the Doctor, so that really rubbed me the wrong way) and got all bratty.
The way she treated Mickey (who was a wet blanket until he discovered the parallel universe) and her mother was appalling.
Rose is a terrible, terrible person!

Here's to Martha. She's already up in my estimation because she's not Rose. Sadly, she's not Amy or Rory either.
But I never did see more than a few episodes of season 3, so maybe she'll be better than I though.

Ratings so far (on season 1 and 2):

Best Doctor:
Ecclestone. He was funny, but very good at serious, deadly, and manic. Tennant, while being Tennant and a very good actor, just isn't quite as good. Yet. Still got three years of Who to go.
And I'll be honest, the category Best episodes influenced my decision here.

Best Companion:
For this I'm classifying 'companion' as: 'anyone who worked with the Doctor for at least one episode'.
Sarah Jane Smith (and K9, they're a package deal for me) for nostalgia value, and it was adorable!
And I rather liked Lynda with a y. And Pete.

Best Episodes:
No brainer.
First place goes to The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances', second place goes to 'Dalek' (because it's a Dalek), third being 'The Girl in the Fireplace'.

Best Writer:
It's Moffat

Best Special Effect:
Difficult one. Trampoline Cassandra was fantastic. So was the end of the world. And the werewolf. And the black hole from 'The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit'.

Best Monster:
Either the Daleks or the Gas Mask Child. Both were terrifying, but for very different reasons, and I'd have to say the Daleks do feature here, again because of the nostalgia value and the way they lampshaded all the silly aspects of the Classic Daleks before making them scary again.

Best Villain:
To clarify, a villain doesn't have to be a monster such as an alien, an adapted human or similar, it's just a very, very bad person. Or the misunderstood person/situation that drives the plot forward.
Giles. Um, I forget his name, but Headmaster Giles from the Sarah Jane Episode. Because it's Giles. And he eats children.
Then von Statten. The man who tortures a Dalek.
Honourable mention goes to the abusive father from 'Fear Her'.

Worst Episodes:
Another no brainer. Worst of all is 'Love and Monsters' (I skipped through most of it it was so horrid); second place goes to the 'Aliens of London/World War III' two-parter for the Slitheen and the inability to mix two moods into one cohesive whole.

Worst Writer:
The guy who did 'Love and Monsters'. I know you had to use a monster designed by a child who won a Blue Peter competition, but still!

Worst Special Effect:
The auton-bin and auton-Mickey in 'Rose'. There are probably worse ones out there, but this was the pilot! And while I can definitely allow auton-Mickey as being obvious because it's a plastic dummy, the auton-bin was just fake-fake-fake-fake-obvious from the moment I saw it.

Worst Monster:
The Slitheen. Another no brainer.

Worst Villain:
The 'live-of-love-literally' alien. It was mildly creepy, but so cheesy in the end that it was poor. Honourable mention to the father from 'The Idiot Lantern', he was a little too over-the-top and caricature-like.
(I'd add Rose here for her callous attitude towards humans, but I can't really come up with a convincing argument to place her squarely in the 'villain' box. Plus she is the saviour of the world in the first series. )

Worst Companion:
ROSE! "This is the day I died . . . " HATE! And the romance thing. And the jealousy. Just see above.
Honourable mention to that Adam boy for being a bit too oblivious.