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    Default The Inphidian Strikes Back: Let's Read Tome of Horrors II

    While my last Let's Read kind of died halfway through, I've long been itching to finally get to the sequel to my first ever LR: the Tome of Horrors. So here we are.

    While still produced by Necromancer Games, the 2004 release of the Tome of Horrors II had some notable differences from its predecessor. For one, it was cut almost in half; 200-some creatures rather than over 400. Said creatures were also newly-statted creations rather than 3E conversions of legacy monsters. Of course, that doesn't mean that they don't have a bit of a nostalgic feel to them. Necromancer still took the "3rd Edition Rules, 1st Edition Feel" motto seriously, with this volume being made up of a mixture of creatures from folklore, deadly beasts, creatures connected to some classic unique monsters and concepts, and some really, really weird stuff here and there.

    So without further adieu, we shall begin our look at the next in the Tome of Horrors trilogy.

    Aberrant, Abyssal Wolf, and Ahlinni

    Empyreal Angel, Arcanoplasm, Asrai

    Barbegazi, Bedlam, Giant Beetles (Blister, Saw-Toothed, and Water)

    Bloodsuckle, Bog Creeper, Brass Man

    Burning Dervish, Cadaver, Caterprism

    Cave Leech, Cerebral Stalker, Church Grim

    Cinder Ghoul, Clamor, Jade Colossus

    Corpse Rook, Corpsespinner, Crag Man

    Crucifixion Spirit, Draconid

    Dragons (Dungeon and Smoke), Dragonship

    Elusa Hound, Encephalon Gorger, Fear Guard

    Fire Crab, Fire Phantom, Fire Whale

    Giant Flea, Fulgurate Mushroom, Fungoid

    Fyr, Gallows Tree, Gallows Tree Zombie

    Gelid Beetle, Geon

    Giants (Cave, Ferrous, and Volcano)

    Gloom Crawler, Golems (Furnace and Iron Maiden)

    Golems (Magnesium, Ooze, and Rope)

    Grave Risen, Grimstalker, Gutslug

    Hanged Man, Helix Moth, Hoar Spirit

    Giant Hornet, Huggermugger, Inphidians (Common, Cobra-Back, and Dancer/Charmer)

    Kathlin, Cavern Lizard, Magmoid, Mawler, Mimi, Murderborn

    Niln, Nuckalavee
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