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I'm in. Hopefully without any problems this time.

Why don't the neutrals have a narrator as well?
Because they aren't that big of a team really. Just big enough that if they decide to allign with either Good (Playgrouners!) or Evil (Real Life) that it could sway the games results significantly.

Take the role of Ramsus for example - Does he side with team good and the masses in order to help them win, or perhaps he chats with team evil, offer's his bane to them, to help them win. As long as that role stays alive - it wins, so it doesn't care whether good or evil finishes, just so long as neither kills that role.

And the secret goals of Lord Fullbladder, MoG and of Tasroth - which team helps them with that goal better?

@Elder - ^ Um, didn't you hear? Yeah - me neither. Replace MOD with ANGELIC CARTOONIST and it works....