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Thread: [3.5e PrC] Battle Mage (PEACH)

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdroGrimshell View Post
    Now i want to try this out. It combines two of my favorite prestige classes, the war weaver and the spellsword, and refines them to make this. Moving onto an actual critique.

    The Hold Spell ability is awesome, though i'd like to see the ability to hold multiple spells as well, though only releasing one at a time, and maybe some expansion on the Arcane Strike feat since it is a requirement.

    Battle Hymn is probably my favorite part of this class, reminds me of a slightly smaller, more personal version of the Tapestry of a war weaver, esspecially the Quintessence Weaving (not sure if that's entirely right) which allows putting multiple spells into the tapestry to be cast on everyone in the tapestry at a later time.

    And the 10th level ability, while useful, could stand to be given at an earlier level, maybe 5th.

    Those are just my opinion so feel free to listen to or ignore it as you wish
    Why thank you! I moved the Dance up to 5th as suggested and made a hopefully more satisfying capstone. Also I'm a big fan of the War Weaver. If you've read my Magitech system, you'd know that it was the start of the whole thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by DrWeird View Post
    If you want to, you can switch to Focus (Concentration).

    The cap needs some work. It's a useful ability, sure, but feels like it's something that an out-of-the-box gish PrC would learn sooner in game terms; you should consider making it more of a meshing of casting and attacking you have building up while granting Combat Casting for (Heavy) Armor - I've always liked the idea of casting a touch-range spell with a successful melee attack, and you have that, so...consider allowing them to unleash any touch spell spontaneously with any successful melee attack? I'm not sure, but consider granting the 'Dance' to 5th level and developing a slightly better capstone - one that would warrant missing a final spell level.
    Again, moved Dance and made an improved Capstone. Also it isn't customary to give Armored mage (Heavy) as there is a feat specifically made to achieve that. I'll see what I can do 'bout the Touch Spell thing.

    Just noticed the requirements on Arcane Strike. Doesn't make much sense for a prerequisite feat to have higher requirements than the PrC. Guess I should boost it up to 3rd level spells?

    Edit: Changed the spellcasting requirement. Moved the first Dance up to fourth and added in Arcane Channeling, just like the Duskblade has for the touch spells. Not so sure about it. Duskblade gets it at 3rd.. Wait, I know. One second.

    Editedit: Wrapped Arcane Channeling into Spelldance and moved it back to fifth. That's much better.

    Editeditedit: Know what's fun? Using Supreme Spelldance to focus for a second (6 seconds) and fill your full Hold with five Magic Missiles. Then Five-Foot Step into the fray and take a Full-Attack action, unleashing them on the poor, unsuspecting victims. MAGIC MISSILE FLURRY. That would look so cool.
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