Name: Skyfall

Appearance: A dead ringer for Whitefire, Skyfall is a male pegasus with a white coat, red mane, and dark orange eyes. Despite being having the same colouring, the two could hardly look more different.

Skyfall is physically well built and dresses in only the finest - mostly in red and gold clothing of elegant and exotic design. He tends to incorporate a little armour into his clothing as well. His cutie mark is a red banner.


Authority A+
Martial Arts A
Grace A
Fashion B+
Speed B
Socialise B
Parties C
Intimidation C
Cool C
Empathy E
Animal Handling E
Wilderness E


Skyfall is from the same place in the Skylands as Whitefire but, as the firstborn stallion of the line, he was groomed for rulership, which included large amounts of studying and adventuring abroad. Skyfall does not know why his sister ran away from home, but has spent the past three years searching for her. He has been in Bridle Shores a few times in the past.


Skyfall was born to be in charge. Everyone he's ever known has respected his inherent right to rule, and he compassionately takes them under his wing. He is honourable, loyal, generous, respectful and powerful so long as everyone does exactly what he says. As a leader, he is without peer.

However, for those who pit themselves against his authority, Skyfall is something of a jerk. He needs to assert his dominance, either through demanding submission or proving his superiority. He always gives people the chance to join him first.


Silvermane used to be one of Skyfall's hangers-on, and he was quite fond of her. He saw himself as doing her a favour by encouraging her to be louder, cooler, and more popular. She would have thanked him later.

Unfortunately, Soft Serve took something of an exception to Skyfall's methods and the two had a disagreement that resulted in Soft Serve enacting some disproportionate retribution and causing Skyfall to flee with his tail between his legs.

Skyfall is Whitefire's brother. The two are so similar in so many ways that the differences of opinion they do have are almost insurmountable. (This is not common knowledge, though likely obvious when the two are standing next to each other)

Skyfall is always surrounded by a herd of hangers-on, yes-mares and toadies which makes any talk with him an emotionally harrowing process.

Virtue: Enlightened Despot

Flaw: Iron-Hoofed Tyrant