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    Default Re: The Inphidian Strikes Back: Let's Read Tome of Horrors II

    Quote Originally Posted by Thurbane View Post
    Side question: can anyone confirm 100% whether or not the original ToH revised was released as a hardback or not? I've heard conflicting reports...AFAIK, only the original printing (3.0) got a print run, and the Revised version (3.5) was pdf only? If there exists a hardback of the 3.5 version, I must have it!
    As far as I know, the 3.5 version didn't have a print version. No word on whether or not the Pathfinder version will have a hardback, either.

    Quote Originally Posted by Makiru View Post
    You're in luck...sort of. It's ECL 12 (8 HD, +4 LA), so while it is playable, it might not be worth it to a lot of people.
    Yeah, aberrants are a bit on the hefty side of LA.

    On the other hand, I'm glad to see you start on this, Rappy. I can't wait until you get to my absolute favorite monster in this book, the troblin. Also, I really want to hear your take on the N'gathau, because I still can't make out what they're trying to do or be.
    Oh yes, the N'gathau. So much wasted potential...

    ...But that's still a ways to go, so I'll keep my thoughts to a minimum on that.

    Question: Do you have any future inklings to do the Book of Fiends? It is a pretty big book with a lot of similar content, so I wouldn't blame you if you didn't; just curious.
    I'm not sure about it at the moment, but I will say I do like the Book of Fiends. Qlippoths and daemons of Gehenna for the win.


    Angel, Empyreal
    The CR 13 empyreals are sort of like the seraphim angels of lore; they are the warriors of the angels, can burst into fire at will, and have the ability to blast out a radiant burst of shiny doom, dealing 15d6 damage and blindness with its sheer shimmering awesome. And...that's about it, really. What is it about angels that I can't really put out much thoughts on them?

    An amoeba-like creature that isn't an Ooze? Madness! Madness being a decidedly apt word, as the CR 7 arcanoplasm is an Aberration. Arcanoplasms are a type of creature that the folks at Expeditious Retreat Press have referred to as a magiotroph: a creature that sustains itself on magical energy. Unlike a placid little magic-enveloped plant or such, though, the arcanoplasm can constrict its acidic body with the best oozes out there, and its diet consists of far more than residual magic. Spells that strike an arcanoplasm are not only eaten, but they are both converted into HP-healing energy and can be mimicked and shot right back at their caster. This is a bit of a conundrum for me. On the one hand, I'm often wary of creatures designed specifically to combat one class/class type. On the other...it's a giant spellcasting amoeba! That's just so out there and insane it ends up being an interesting monster. Add to that its mysterious origins and the fact that it hangs out in old wizard's towers and similar buildings and you have an enigmatic entity that is begging to be further explored.

    Mythology-based and of the Fey type? Double points to the CR 5 individual in the early pages of the book! The asrai get their name from old English lore, and they're pretty much true to mythology in their Tome of Horrors II incarnation. As in folklore, they are water fey that resemble miniature young maidens; somewhat like a shrink-washed nymph, one might say. Also as in folklore, they are extremely cold to touch. Unlike folklore, however, the asrai are statted as being water-dependent, losing Constitution points on land. In the original mythology, the asrai's fatal enemy was said to be the sun, but given how dry and sunny the land can be on the right day, I guess this is a minor quibble to spout at a gift horse. Their spell-like abilities are entirely speculative, as the lore gives no real outright statement on them having magical power, but they seem to be in order: spells such as hideous laughter and dancing lights for the "tricksy fey" archetype, and ones such as obscuring mist for the shy and reclusive nature attributed to the asrai. This monster wins an official seal of "yay!".
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