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Thread: ItP Chapter II- Battle for Haruki-Kun

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    Just coming in to point this out - With proper Town strategy, Supagoof will be dead before Night 2. How? D1, Lex-kat claims and no-votes, and everyone else points at theirself under threat of lynch. If Supagoof goes along with this, he dies, so he of course counter-claims Lex-kat. One of them is lynched, if they're Supagoof then hooray, if they're not then Supagoof dies the next day.
    So you know.
    @v: Right, that rule. Town could still do it, if more slowly, by having 5 tied-ish wagons per day and narrowing down Supagoof over time.
    As to people like you, I said "with proper Town strategy". Your attitude is not optimal strategy. It shouldn't have to be had, and instead things like this should be fixed pregame, as I am allowing to happen by pointing it out. If/When I narrate more complicated games, a rule will be "Please break the game, but tell the narrator first". If it was a game winning strategy, they would be awarded the Cheese trophy and an honorary victory, and the rules would be amended. As to this specific case wolf multivoters suffer from this problem in general. The easy fix would be to allow Supagoof to null his own power, perhaps in advance, perhaps a limited number of times per game.
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