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Didn't go over the rest of the class, but I see. That makes the feat slightly less useless.
My Sorcerer's magic is ingrained, and natural. They just do. Their magic is not tangible and shape-able as it is in the hands of a Wizard.
A Wizard calculates, Prepares, and manipulates their spells much like fine tunning an engine.

The Sorcerer just does. They don't have the same feel for magic as the Wizard. Its all a foreign concept to them.
How is it useless when you have your few free floating metamagics already anyway? A free Eschew materials? Still?Silent and eventually Ignore Material components before the epic levels? Not to mention these few don't have level adjustment.

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This seems less versatile than the SRD sorc and more blasty
No, No I don't see it.
SRD Sorc: Familiar... Spells.... Its more versatile. they just probably don't have as much spells, instead they have better features and can wear light armor with simple weapons. (and can wear armor pretty quickly due to Still spell that they get for free that they can shift to what ever spell they wanna cast as a swift action)

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I really like the idea of a magical apprentice as an alternative to a familiar. Consider the concept yoink-ified.

As far as the class goes, a Spells table would be awfully handy.
I... cant make spell tables... when I do they always look long and messed up. and yea I did as well. You always see strapping young apprentices hitching around with the sorcerer in movies/shows/anime
Charisma modifier per spell level of spells known.
At the beginning that's pretty neat, but becomes very strong towards the higher levels, but then again I've never liked the extreme limitations on a Sorcerer's 9th level spells known. Then again 8+ is a lot, also, how does this interact with temporary boosts? Get a spell of Eagle's Splendor and does the sorcerer gain extra spells known? Do they change every time the sorcerer gains a temporary boost? What about with a continuous magical item?
No, they wouldn't get more spells from temp boosts like that. I suppose it it was made permanent however, I would allow it. same for effects that are simply continuous.
9th level spells by level 20 feels late.
Ye, but thats another defining characteristic from the Wizard?