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Meh. Limit?
"Class levels max -2 perspell level"
for a maximum.... of two 9th spells at level 20.... I dunno... Do we even care if they can cast a few ninth spells? naw....
I was just pointing it out because someone said they have less versatility than an SRD sorcerer. Between free metamagic and more spells known, I'd say this easily outclasses the SRD sorc.

Actually looking at it again, I did read it right. Quoting the whole section:

Each spell level they gain their Charisma modifier as number of known spells. To cast a spell they must have a charisma of 15+spell level. Their saves are the same as standard spell saves, using their charisma modifier.
They can use 0 level spells at will, and other spells each a number of times a day equal to their Charisma modifier -1/2 spell level round down. They cannot ever change their spell set without the aid of some form of item, or outside magic
So the sorcerer with 34 charisma has 12 spells of every spell level known, and can cast every spell in their arsenal 8 times per day, if I'm reading that right. So yeah I'm actually going to change my original statement to "Wow that's way more powerful than even a wizard"

If the intent was for that to be charisma mod -1/2 spell level per spell level, rather than per spell, it's more in line with other casters (though still strong), but if that was the intent why not just have a spells per day chart as the standard sorcerer does?