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    Default Re: Silver Dragon playable Class (3.5)

    From a flavor standpoint, not a huge fan of the flavor text provided above the class details. I recognize that disconnecting from the standard age = size category to class level = size category is a bit weird, but as is, it kind of jibes with the notion of playing a regular ol' silver dragon. I suggest letting people come up with their own explanations, or offering a few in the flavor text if need be.
    Okay, that works for me.
    Your attacks at level one are kind of overwhelming. As many as a common housecat! Only where the dreaded housecat has size bonuses, you've got full BAB and bigger damage die. So you're full attacking for a potential 24 damage at a point when most foes will have around 10 hp.
    Good point. I'll move the claw attacks up to a higher level.
    Alternate form may be abusable. I'd be hard pressed to name exactly how, but there's a distinct disconnect between CR and HD. I'm sure there's some animal/humanoid forms with low HD but potent racial bonuses/effects.
    I'm not sure what else to do, other than maybe restricting it to only humanoids.
    Draconic Roar - I would say that if you're halving the damage already, it would make more sense to just negate it if the surrounding foes make their Reflex save, as opposed to quartering it if they do.

    Just curious what your line of thinking was on the ability scores. They're kind of sporadic until a certain point, where they come in very consistently. What was the aim?
    these are the boosts the original has. I didn't really like the way they worked either but wasn't sure what to do.
    Silver Ingenuity should perhaps be "At level 4 the silver dragon gains 4 additional skill points, and gains 1 additional skill point for every HD it has after the first, and every HD it acquires thereafter." as the current wording of 'applied retroactively' can create awkward situations/vagueness.
    Yeah, good idea.

    Boon of Bahamut needs to state that it's a touch skill and a standard action.
    Domain - I'd suggest clarifying to "Chooses one domain from the following:"
    Domain - also, I'd clarify to "you do not get the granted power of any chosen domains." - as read, it could be interpreted as referring to the storm domain.
    All good catches.
    The paladin spellcasting is confusing. Is it retroactive? Maybe refer to it as "spellcasting of a paladin X levels lower than him?"
    It's not intended to be retroactive, no.
    Minor flavor issue with Improved Alternate Form - is there really any reason for a dragon to not just be in a special form 24/7 for the racial bonuses/features/abilities?
    I don't know. I'd assume though, that if you're going to be playing a Silver Dragon, you'd want to spend most of your time being a dragon, not a Fleshraker or something.
    Silver Will is a bit over the top for the level you get it. It's basically mind blank (an 8th level spell) at level 14.
    Good point.

    EDIT: Actually, since there aren't any mind affecting spells or abilities in the class anymore, it doesn't make sense anyway. I'll take it out and replace it with something else.
    Frightful presence - I'd suggest allowing the Silver Dragon to turn it off.
    Good point.
    Protective Aura - A +4 to all saves for all allies at level 16 is pretty major. This, if anything, should be a capstone.
    Same issue with Bahamut's Grace. Huge bonus to saves is huge (only here it's a potential +6 to +8)
    It's the same thing as Divine grace, except it grants a bonus to AC as well, and it comes 15 levels later. Maybe I just don't have as much expertise as I should with high level games, but I think you're overestimating how effective that's going to be.
    Lightning Breath - the range thing needs to be clarified. I can't fathom the intention.
    It was intended to be able to arc from opponent to opponent so it isn't just a bog standard lightning breath coming into play at a level as late as 19.
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