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    Default Re: Silver Dragon playable Class (3.5)

    Quote Originally Posted by Hyudra View Post
    Ok, but getting away from an example of exaggeration, even a +7-8 to all saves for starting with a strong Cha score, getting the +6 from your race and spending a pittance on a moderate cost +cha item is pretty damned amazing. That's a 35-45% lower chance of being affected by a given spell effect, on top of the SR you're packing (and good saves in the two most important attributes).

    And you can get away with it because your class packs full BAB and +Str and more attacks in a full attack than an equivalent level fighter-type to
    keep your melee more than up to date and +Con to keep you durable (while also offering nat armor).

    So like I said, it just feels a bit much.
    Okay. If you're really sure about this, I'll bump that to 20 while leaving the aura at level 16. While I'm not too sure about Bahamut's grace, I'm almost positive that protective aura isn't as bad as you make it out to be. I'm also decreasing the stat boosts to +4 each since I don't think there's any particular reason they need to be as high as they were.
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