Hello, just a couple things I noticed.

First off is that this seems to be VERY strong especially for a class that is already tier 1. It is pretty much required for any cleric that wants to animate undead. If your okay with this thats fine but its pretty strong right now. And the drawbacks you mentioned aren't really drawbacks. Lower BAB is moot due to divine power and the lower fort save hurts but is nowhere near the strength of this class. Also you only lose out on 1 scaling domain because you have to have either undeath or deathbound to enter the class.

Anyway ignoring the power level I have some other critiques

1: For Unhallowed Arua you may want to put that it only suppresses or dispels OTHER caster's control. Right now it suppresses your abilities too.

2: For Divine Spellcaster giving undead the ability to replicate themselves is a bad idea >.>. Right now if you found a creature that had 19 wisdom and animated it with Animate dread warrior it could then cast animate dread warrior. You have effectively given the class an easy way to chain spawn undead.

3: I personally dislike Undead Horde simply because it makes Dread Necromancer pretty much useless because that was its one unique thing. Just thought I would add that don't really see anything wrong with it.

4: Curse of the Necromancer is really vague. What curse, Bestow Curse? And what undead is it raised as? Based on Create Undead, Greater, Animate Dead?

5: I can see a problem with enhanced Anatomy and spamming low level kolbod slingers. Just because it would give a TON of extra effective HD. And by know creature you mean have the right knowledge to identify right? Thats what I thought but wasn't sure if you meant personally knew.

Anyway interesting class.