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    Default Re: Pffh play's: Let's play Singularity: Tomorrows yesterday today.

    Quote Originally Posted by MonarchAnarch View Post
    I just recently bought and played this while it was on sale. Loved this fun game! It doesn't try to be anything that it's not.

    I was also compelled to press every typewriter I found. Normally it goes "ding!", and I move on. There is one typewriter in a room that you can only get in by crawling through the windows that does something different.

    Anyone else found this typewriter and know what I'm talking about? It showed a sequence of images of gross/dead things. The sequence really reminded me of the beacon imprint that happens in Mass Effect 1 to commander Shepard.
    Through a window you say I'll have to keep a lookout for that.

    I was going to record stuff this week but then I had to go and lose my voice on monday (damn streps ) but hopefully I'll get something done over the weekend.
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