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Thank you for the feedback.

Yes, this class was meant to compete with other top choices for clerics or combinations thereof (like contemplative, divine oracle, etc). I did not write 'prophet' in the name by chance.
Even so, I really wanted to tone it down a bit somehow. My other ideas were removing spellcasting levels, lowering CL for non-necromancy spells or imposing Str penalties as well. Any suggestions?

Yeah, divine power. I would hate it if I didn't love it.

1: Oh, didn't even think about it . Perhaps this is because I never used it as a cleric (even if I had it as a domain spell). I like the 'forever' bit of other spells... Will change.

2: I hate loopholes... how did they fix it with other spawning undead? Apart from that, is it reasonable? PS: I believe this is a problem of the template in general, not my particular implementation. I agree it's bad though.

3. I thought I'd toss it there for extra customization. Secrets should really allow this class to be played in very different ways and make this a one-stop shop for animators. This would include a divine dread necromancer, I suppose.

4. I honestly ripped this one from somewhere without a second thought. Non my favorite either, but it could be useful to someone who wish to do some necromancy on the cheap. It definitely needs a conversion table though. Will implement soon.

5: Uber undead kobold army! Brilliant, really... I always think in terms of maximum HD/minimum numbers, but you surely do make a great point. To patch it up, a second constraint could be added i.e. add up to 1.5 or 2 times the base HD. Knowledge to identify, this is correct.

I must say, you have a keen eye for loopholes and possible exploits. Been practicing a lot?
Okay wanted to make sure. Might want to lose 1 caster level at first level though. Just a thought, wouldn't hurt that badly and balances it out somewhat more.

For the Divine Spellcaster I would limit it so that the undead casting caps at like 2nd level spells. Spell Stiched is a REALLY strong and expensive template. Being able to have all your undead cast 1st level spells is still really strong. I mean once again now max HD cap in human skeletons all casting magic missile. I personally would remove it from the secrets list and add it to Corpse Enchancing. Because its a really expensive template and getting it for free is kinda strong. They fixed it regularly from spawning undead by making it really expensive .

Ya curse of the necromancer needs some kind of definition on what the curse is.

Ya good idea for the fix for Enhanced Anatomy, just something to prevent spam like that.

And thanks for the compliment, I like to look at things from a loophole perspective. Also I don't practice a lot but necromancy and undead are my favorite to work with so with reading so many tricks with undead some just stuck. .