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The Arcanoplasm sounds like a nasty little surprise. I love stuff like that.
Necromancer Games is pretty good on delivering "Gotcha!" monsters like that.


Wow. Another legendary creature right after the asrai? This can only be described as...

Erm, yes, my legend/lore bias is showing a little, isn't it? Let's move on...

The barbegazi are based off of gnome-like beings in Swiss lore. Indeed, here they are specifically noted to be LA +2 Humanoids with the Gnome and Cold subtypes. Hardy survivalists of the alpine snow fields, barbegazi use their big flat feet to cross snow without difficulty and have chill metal and icicle blast (burning hands, but cooooold!) as innate spell-like abilities. To add some D&D flavor to them, it is stated that white dragons love the taste of barbegazi, and that they have a cultural hatred of the frost men.

With 2 natural Hit Dice and a penalty to Charisma, offset by a bonus to Dexterity and Constitution, as well as Hide and Spot checks, barbegazi are built to be Rogues rather than spellcasters like the typical gnome. If you're looking for a - dare I say it? - more dwarven gnome for your games, this is an interesting potential player race.

CR 9 Aberrations made of "pure chaos" - just how one can concentrate and purify chaos into a lifeform is beyond me, but hey, Aberrations - the bedlams are Chaotic Neutral beasts sent to chaotic places by chaotic spellcasters to guard said places by messing up spells and magic items in their vicinity while busting out law-damaging beams of doom. Because Chaos, that's why.

Beetles, Giant
Wow, deja vu. Our big, bad beetles this time are the CR 1 giant blister beetle, CR 3 giant saw-toothed beetle, and CR 3 giant water beetle.

While having the lowest Challenge Rating of the bunch, the halfling-sized giant blister beetle is definitely one of the most interesting. It's not really a human-killer, instead having a taste for giant bees, which is eviscerates without fear thanks to its poison immunity. Of course, just because something's not your predator, doesn't mean it can't hurt...and boy, do giant blister beetles hurt. As their name implies, they can blast out an acidic spray that blisters skin. While a normal-sized blister beetle is likely to just give you a nasty blister on your thumb, you're more or less going to come out looking like you fought with a nest of bees and lost if you draw the ire of these chemical weapon-toting giant insects.

Giant saw-toothed beetles are decidedly less interesting. They are highly aggressive, hide in the forest underbrush, and...that's about it, really. They are in the Medium-size category, just like the slightly more interesting giant water beetles. While they have an inky blast and wave-sensing abilities, it's less the stats and more the concept of the giant water beetle that makes them have some appeal. It is more of a mixture of memories of being bitten by normal-size water beetles far too often in the swimming pool and my recollection of the annoying dungeon-cleaning quest surrounding giant water beetles in the computer game Siege of Avalon.