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Thread: [3.5e] Prophet of Nerull (PEACH?)

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    1. Lose 1 caster level at first level. Check. Now that first level is really bad, discouraging small dips as intended.

    2. Not for free! By RAW, only arcane casters can spellstictch undead. I added the secret so that prophets (ie divine caster) could do it too. They're still required to pay all associated costs. At most, I was thinking to have the recipient pay them as long as he's a PC...

    Would you still put it as a (really) expensive enhancing option? It does seem more appropriate now that you mention it.

    Same for unholy vigor and enhanced anatomy. The latter could become an enhancement (=paid upgrade) or maybe a secret + enhancemet (not too expensive, due to requirements and limitations).

    These changes would better conform to the way I envision the prophet two main abilities:
    • secrets = abilities/bonuses tied to the necromancer
    • enhancements = bonuses tied to the corpse to be animated

    3. Curse as in Bestow Curse (clr 3) and Greater BC (clr 7). Possibly, a different table for each. Perhaps Animate dead+create undead and create greater undead respectively.

    Also: would you put the regular "Eschew Materials" as a feat requirement for the homonymous secret? I mean, it allows to save a lot of money and its drawback is basically fluff.
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