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    Default Re: (3.X) (Creature) Sinister Spinal Cord [P.E.A.C.H.]

    Quote Originally Posted by Debihuman View Post
    Why do these get a +5 racial bonus to their DCs?
    Short answer: Because otherwise the DCs are too low especially if I keep them as mindless, Charisma 1 creatures.

    Moderate details:
    The paralysis is their ONLY form of basic offense. I may have been influenced by the ghoul, which is DC 12, but gets three chances to pull it off in a full attack, plus is dealing hp damage. And yes, I know that from a pure design standpoint ghouls are a bit of a problematic creature.

    The Strangle requires failing a LOT of saves in a row to actually do anything. I might reduce the magnitude of the static bonus a bit though. I SHOULD at least consider changing it to use the strength modifier rather than the score and maybe bump up the strength a bit to compensate.
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