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Thread: [3.5e] Prophet of Nerull (PEACH?)

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    I meant fiendish as written.
    I fond a level 9 cleric spell that does that and wished to replicate it. I have no idea about the actual power of the template, but I saw it gives Smite good, DR/magic, SR 5+HD, some energy resistances and some less useful attributes.

    How many ranks do you think is appropriate (ie is worth spending) for the ability? I put 20 (religion) for the enhancement and 20 (planes) for the secret (which is not strictly necessary as you can use a talent instead). Yes, definitely too much. Will change to 12 each for the moment.

    I wanted to use a different Knowledge skill to promote different skill selections.

    PS: (homonymous = 'of the same name')
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