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    Aberrant Savant

    Requirements: 21st level, Greater Aberrant Dragonmark

    21|Stolen Favor, Khyber Disciple
    24|Feared & Despised
    27|Whispers of Madness
    30|Corruption of Khyber[/table]

    Stolen Favor (Ex)
    While the proud members of the Dragonmarked Houses flout their gifts and powers from their dragonmarks, you were granted no such boon. Cast out from society, the Khyber wyrm has blessed you with the ability to take that which was given to them. Any time a sentient creature is affected by one of your aberrant dragonmark powers you may steal 2 action points from them. These action points remain with you for 24 hours or until you use them. Action points stolen from multiple creatures stack, in effect creating a pool of stolen action points.

    Khyber Disciple (Sp)
    Though the Khyber wyrm is imprisoned beneath Eberron it's powers still flow through you. Weaker mortals that attempt to channel the Khybers power do so at risk to themselves, but you have become master of your abilities. You may now use any spell-like abilitiy that is granted by your dragonmark as an At-Will spell-like ability. A saving throw against one of your dragonmark spell-like abilities has a DC of 10 + 1/2 your character level + your Cha modifier. Your caster level for your dragonmark spell-like abilities increases to 10 + 1/2 your character level + your levels in the child of khyber prestige class (if any). Also, you no longer have to make a Fortitude save to avoid the daze effect after using your powers.

    Feared and Despised (Ex)
    People hate and fear those that bear aberrant dragonmarks because of the destructive power they possess, believing that the Khyber wyrm slowly twists and maligns the aberrant marked souls. Whether you have succumbed to the evil taint of the Khyber is irrelevant, as the rest of society views you as irredemably corrupt. Though you may hate how they feel about you, you have learned to twist their fear back upon them.

    You gain the Frightful Presence ability. The ability can be turned on or off as a free action and effects creatures up to 30 feet. Creatures with less than 20 HD that fail their Will saving throw (DC 10 + 1/2 character level + your charisma modifier) are panicked for 5d6 rounds, while creatures with 20 or more HD are frightened for 5d6 rounds. Creatures with more HD than your are instead shaken for 5d6 rounds. An opponent that succeeds on the saving throw is immune to your frightful presence for 24 hours.

    Whispers of Madness (Su)
    Your aberrant dragonmark is more than source of your powers. It serves as a conduit between you and the great Khyber wyrm. This usually manifests as a steady stream of whispers in your mind spoken in exotic languages and often incomprehensable. While others would succumb to the voices you have steeled your mind against it and learned to use the whispers against your enemies. You gain immunity to mind-affecting effects. Whenever you affect a creature with one of your aberrant dragonmark powers you may as a free action spend an action point to inflict the target with Insanity as the spell. Spell resistance does not apply but a Will saving throw does negate the effect.

    Furthermore whenever you use your Stolen Favor ability you may steal 4 action points instead of 2.

    Corruption of Khyber (Su)
    Against all odds and predictions you have survived. Though your enemies be legion you have the power to corrupt and destroy them. Whenever a creature with a dragonmark is affected by one of your aberrant dragonmark powers you may spend an action point as a free action to warp and twist the power within them. For a number of rounds equal to your charisma modifier their dragonmark is corrupted by your influence. During the duration of the effect, every time they use a dragonmark power they take 1d6 points of damage to each of their ability scores. Also, after each use of a dragonmark power they must make a Fortitude saving throw (DC 10 + 1/2 character level + your charisma modifier) or be dazed for 1 round. Finally, the number of action points gained when you use your Stolen Favor ability increases to 6.
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