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I won't get into how necromancy applies outside of the forum However, thread necromancy is against forum rules - you can post in it until six weeks after the most recent post, but after that you need to make a new thread for the topic. The only exception that i can remember is that for webcomics, the topic starter can post after the six weeks mark.

That is correct, and will you look at this! I'm Posting!

Alright guys, so here's the scoop. I already have half of the next comic done. However, I have been really busy here at this scout camp I'm working at and going through all the training. I've found it easier to try writing "Paladin Academy" as I can get more done in my few times off. But as I understand it, we get more time available once the scouts actually come here.

So in a couplde weeks time, I will see about trying to update this comic again. So, see you all there.