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Thread: Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (IC)

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    Eldon Thorngage

    During the trip there has been a halfling running from side to side and front to back of the wagon gaping at all there is to see. In between nearly falling from the wagon multiple times by leaning too far off the sides of the jostling cart in an effort to peer into the gloom, he returns to a large wooden crate covered by a big black tarp, methodically checking the ties to make sure nothing has shifted or come undone during the trip.
    Oddly, he doesn't appear the least bit upset about the dreary pall cast about the area. Once the wagon stops he begins undoing the straps that hold his crate in place. All the while he whistles a happy tune. As he works away at the straps and knots, he is overheard to say:

    "Wow! The first big adventure of my very own."
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