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    Default [3.5e NPC PrC] Child of the Forest (PEACH)

    Yeah, those again. I was bored again and was trying to think of PrC ideas. I thought of my NPC PrCs and wondered if there was room for any more. "Well, I made one for a Wizard knock-off, what about a cleric one? Or a druid? Or Psion?" ... You'll notice several similarities between this and the Mage's Assistant. Especially the casting.

    Child of the Forest
    "Why are you in my woods?"
    -Tania, Child of the Forest

    Children of the Forest are individuals that have recieved no formal Druidic training and are not a part of their society, yet still abide in forests and end up finding many druidic techniques to help them get by. They also tend to be a bit territorial. And they bite.

    Becoming a Child of the Forest

    Druids often live in forests and make friends with the animals. This does not mean that all individuals that do so are druids. Sometimes a child gets lost in the woods. Or they lose their family and find refuge in the woods. Either way, they have come and are determined to survive. After much time they become accustomed to the harsh environment and learn to live with the wild life. They become a child of the forest.

    Entry Requirements
    Skills: Climb 2, Handle Animal 6, Knowledge (Nature) 1, Survival 1
    Special: Must have spent the majority of their childhood living in a forest with no other humanoid company

    Class Skills: Concentration, Craft, Handle Animal, Heal, Knowledge (nature), Listen, Ride, Spellcraft, Spot, Survival, Swim and Tumble
    Skill Points each level: 4 + Intelligence Modifier

    Hit Dice: d8

    Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special
    Wild Empathy, Familiar
    Nature's Gift
    Forest Home
    Greater Nature's Gift

    Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Chidren of the Forest are familiar with the following weapons: bolas, club, dagger, dart, longbow, quarterstaff, shortbow, shortspear, sling, and spear. Children of the Forest gain no armor proficiencies.

    Wild Empathy: Getting along in the forest is important. The Child of the Forest learns how to communicate to a degree with the animals of their woods to plea for aid or request the wolf not to eat them. They gain Wild Empathy as the Druid class feature except that the roll uses the Child's level in this class instead of their Druid level. If the Child becomes a Druid, levels in this class stack with levels in Druid for determining their bonus on the check.

    Familiar: One needs friends. Otherwise you go insane. The Child of the Forest forms a special bond with a small woodland creature who becomes their dearest companion. They gain a Familiar as the Sorcerer class feature, using their level in this class instead of their levels in sorcerer for determining the additional bonuses that this familiar accrues. Levels in Druid stack with levels in this class for determining Familiar features.

    Nature's Gift: Living in the forest so long, the Child becomes attuned to the ways of nature and the flow of life. They start unlocking secrets held deep within the soil. Even if they're small secrets. The Child selects two 0-level spells from the Druid spell list. They may now use each of these once per day as a spell-like ability with the save being based off of their Wisdom and their effective CL equal to their Child of the Forest level. If they ever become a Druid, levels in Druid stack with levels in Child of the Forest for determining the CL. Wearing metal iron of any sort prevents the use of these abilities.

    Forest Home: The Child's home is the forest and they know how to use this to their advantage. The Child adds four to all skill checks relevant to forest features and terrain, whether this be Knowledge (Geography) to find your way out of the forest, using Climb to scale a tree, or Hide to duck in some bushes. This bonus almost always applies to Survival.

    Greater Nature's Gift: One more day. One more meal. One more secret. The Child has learned to cast a single first level spell from the Druid spell list once per day at a CL equal to their Child level as a spell-like ability. If they ever become a Druid, levels in Druid stack with levels in Child of the Forest for determining the CL. Wearing metal iron of any sort prevents the use of these abilities.

    Enlightenment: Oh. This is what the Druids were talking about. The Child becomes one with the forest, and the forest one with her. The Child gains two 0-level spell slots and a single 1st-level slot. These are in addition to the spells that they've mastered. The caster level of these spells is equal to their Child of Nature level. Wearing metal iron of any sort prevents the use of these spells.

    And that's it for this one. I'll have the Cleric and Psion ones coming along shortly. And I was struck by a brilliant idea. What if these classes were requirements to enter the classes which they were based off of? It would certainly mitigate their powers. The casting granted at first level would override those gained at 5th level in the class, but they would maintain the three spells which they had completely internalized. Just an interesting idea.
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