Specify the spell slots are from the druid list (obvious, but the usual D&D writing style is like that).

The weapon proficiency list irks me personally. It is obviously based on the druid list, but that always struck me as very tied to the specific mythology/setting/D&D version history. I would try to think in terms of "What can you figure out how to make based on necessity, vague childhood memories from before your were abandoned, and maybe the occasional hint from a fae you talk to?". Think less "druid" and more "Tarzan" + "Peter Pan" + "The Jungle Book".

Personally I would drop the scimitar, and add bows, bolos and maybe a few other things. Metal-smithing tends to be a lot of investment before you get a result worth using, and requires there to be metals in the area (at least copper). Atl-atls (which nobody ever includes in their RPGs for some reason... maybe because they were more for hunting than war), and bows are hard to do WELL, but easy to do in the first place so it is a smoother learning curve.