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Thread: Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (IC)

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    Eldon Thorngage

    After removing the ropes and tarp the halfling begins prying the lid from the crate underneath. The top of the crate eventually pops off and the halfling takes a step back dusting off his hands. He says:

    "C'mon Bob, get up its time to go."

    A humanoid skeleton stands up and steps out of the crate.

    "Don't forget your helmet and your hammer."

    The skeleton bends down and picks up a horned helmet and places it upon its head. The skeleton then grabs the oaken handle of a large hammer out of the box balancing the head over his shoulder as he steps gingerly down from the wagon and comes to stand next to Eldon.
    The entire time Eldon is beaming with what can only be pride. The halfling gives the skeleton a once over and says:

    "Follow me, Bob."

    The skeleton follows the skipping halfling toward the now opened gate.
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